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 Type :   Showcase Modules/

               Experience Center

Client :  Fastal Innovation Company Limited

Project Location :  Hong Kong & China



The AluHouse showcase module is envisioned to create a model showcase setup for the display of the AluHouse unit in any location where the unit will be placed.  The design of the showcase setting will set a benchmark guiding the approach, arrival, setback and buffer zones to create outdoor living spaces for every programme to illustrate the futuristic living lifestyle for AluHouse in an urban/ rural setting where the client could engage potential buyers during an exhibition period.


The design was focused on 3 types of AluHouse units to develop the showcase’s visual and physical arrangement and basic design components.  The design was generated from concept to details including implementation to ensure the aesthetic of the display space, quality of the installation work and branding image of AluHouse. 


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