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Type :    Residential  & Mixed Use

Client :  Zhongshan City Huaye Real Estate

Project Location :  Zhongshan, PRC 



The development is planned to execute a commercial/ retail space of 70,000sqm and residential space of 144,000sqm within the District of Shiqi in Zhongshan.  The current conceptual landscape design has provided retail shopfront streetscape at ground floor and podium landscape connecting to 6F + 7F residential and clubhouse facilities.


The landscape design has also injected a timeless, contemporary but naturalistic approach to the urban social life in this comprehensive retail and residential development.  The clean and simple design language with the natural and wild greenery within the landscape spaces will create a diversity of retreats and sanctuaries for the people to escape the busy urban lives.  A new idea of urban living and landscape design is being considered.


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