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Type :    Residential Sale Area

Client :  Sunac

Project Location :  Huizhou Quicheng, PRC



Huizhou Camphor Mansion, defined the natural theme of “mountain, water, cloud, forest” to create a living landscape filled with nature, art, modernity and simplicity. It is molded from the natural site character, transforming the natural texture, pattern and shape into a modernist style.  The outcome is a modern high-quality community with a natural environment, as if “their integration, come from natural“.

The asymmetric layout on both sides of the axis in this demonstration area, formed a balanced framework  with jumping jets in an artistic manner guiding one's attention towards the entrance of the sales office.  The sculptures are hidden in the rich and lush planting along the visiting route, creating a ceremonial setting with fullest of art and natural ambiance.



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